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Le degré de lenteur est directement proportionnel à l'intensité de la mémoire, le degré de la vitesse est directement proportionnel à l'intensité de l'oubli.

La Lenteur, Milan Kundera


My name is Rafaëlle

After practicing yoga for nearly 10 years & teaching for two years under my own name, I wanted to create a space that would be as much your home as yoga has been to me. 

Initially I practiced more as a dilettante and later it became a necessity, to bring back movement into my life after a herniated and operated disk, following over a decade of work in the fashion and exhibitions industries in production & project management. 

But  my true journey to yoga started in October 2019 when I flew to Rishikesh at the feet of the Himalayans mountains, and got certified in 200H Hatha Yoga. 

It certainly was a journey my friend, inside & out! 

The idea behind OM MEETS HOME is to create space together wherever you need.

I offer private and collective online classes, private or small group classes at your place or office & collective classes in unusual spaces in the center of Brussels.


good quality of breath,
equals good quality of life


“Rafaelle explique bien comment se positionner, elle prend le temps, donne des explications sur pourquoi cette position est spécifiquement bonne pour telle partie du corps ou telle emotion. au delà de ses solides compétences en yoga, je trouve que Rafaelle est une personne douce, bienveillante. je l'ai trouvé très à l'écoute de mes besoins"


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