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I offer a practice respectful of each morphology, that revolves around muscular reinforcement, deep stretches and focused breathing, designed to keep a healthy and well oiled body.


Through these classes I aim to give you a  better understanding of your own anatomy & increase your body awareness.

I hope to shed light on which ever path you decide to take on yoga into your life, be it for physical reason, spiritual calling or simple curiosity.



Based on Hatha yoga, a practice where asanas are held for several breaths in order to learn to practice with intention with the energizing sequencing  of a vinyasa class.


The approach is gradual in its progression taking you on a journey through the union of breath and movement. 

Each class has a different theme but always begins with a short meditation and ends with relaxation. The result is improved physical strength and physiological health and better emotional well-being.



This type of yoga incorporates two different practices, performed in two sequences.

The first YANG part is dynamic and energizing in order to work on the muscles and their strengthening, the rhythm of the second YIN part is slow and passive, to give the body time to regenerate. Yin yoga allows you to learn to find comfort and relaxation in postures held for 2 to 3 minutes, to promote the stretching of deep tissues and fascia.


Expect core work & deep stretches.


for emotional healing

Popularized in the 90s, this practice is based on ancestral yoga. Coming from Taoist thought, the idea of Yin represents immobility and Yang movement. So the goal is to slow down and have a meditative approach. Here, we do not solicit (or at least not voluntarily) the muscles, we strengthen the joints, tendons, ligaments and flexibility. The pressures and compressions provided by the asanas allow the energies to circulate. As with meditation, we learn to listen to ourselves and therefore to know ourselves better. The goal is to meet and observe their emotions. In the end, we reach maximum relaxation, letting go and full self-awareness.


The 4 golden rules of Yin Yoga:

Total muscle relaxation


Stay still

Stay for a long time



The range of conscious and controlled movement translates into mobility, it helps to ensure, strengthen or improve the ability to move.

Being flexible is essential in order to feel free to move. However, flexibility does not produce movement, that is the role of our muscles!


Muscles need to be strong enough to control the full range of motion of our joints and generate movement.

It is by working on flexibility as well as strength that our body can best support us in all the activities of our lives!


This class is for you if you want to approach a practice that develops your posture with a long-term physical health goal. If you feel the need to spice up your yoga practice with complementary exercises. Or if you just want to explore new sensations & develop your mobility. 



  • ​improves posture

  • increases flexibility 

  • helps you build strength 

  • helps to keep healthy joints 

  • improves breathing


  • powerful mindfulness practice

  • improves concentration

  • reduces stress

  • increases blood & lymph circulation

  • encourages your body's natural healing process

  • and more... 

We are one

"We live in a huge paradox. Science shows that we are linked. But our automatic thought system encourages us to seek differentiation, which leads to the illusion in which we evolve.

Let's stop trying to compare ourselves to each other. On the contrary, let us become aware of our equality.


Individualism leads us to find subterfuges to place ourselves on the ladder of respect that we have for the other or that they may have for us. Like money, height, weight, sex, skin color, country of origin, age, instruction, education, way of dressing, thinking, reasoning, moving. ..the list is endless, since we spend our time refining it!

Comparing locks us into the belief of insufficiency. Unity, on the other hand, gives us abundance, the awareness that we have everything, and that we can lack nothing since we are unlimited and full".

Maud Ankaoua, Kilomètre Zéro

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